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2nd Generation Boosted skateboard gets a big boost ...

2nd Generation Boosted skateboard gets a big boost

2nd Generation Boosted skateboard gets a big boost

Getting around has never been easier than it is today, and it’s only going to get easier in the future. Self-driving cars and electric bicycles mean that you have to do less work to get from point A to B. Of course, sometimes you want to arrive in style, which is why the Boosted Board exists.

Today, Boosted announced that they have been hard at work on their second generation electric skateboard. The original Boosted Board was a Kickstarter project back in 2013, and the first ones were delivered the following year. While the first generation product was interesting, the company knew it could create a better, and more efficient product with more time and research.

The 2nd generation Boosted Board is based on the same design as the original, just with some new features. Perhaps the biggest new feature is the swappable battery. Now if you run out of juice, you can just pop in a spare battery and keep going with little effort. They are also offering an extended range option, which can effectively double the range of your Boosted Board.


The new boards are also water resistant, and have an improved drivetrain to provide better power and handling. They’ve also upgraded the Bluetooth connectivity between the remote and board, which should allow for better control of the device.

The 2nd gen Boosted Boards are up for pre-order now, and can be reserved with a $100 refundable deposit. You can pre-order any of the three versions of the board, which are the Dual+, Dual, and Single. The Dual+ will be the first one to ship, with the first orders going out in about 8 weeks.

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